Welch  Financial Investments, LLC (WFI) is an affiliate of Welch Financial Advisors, LLC and provides clients with integrated, fee-only investment management services. WFI doesn’t seek to offer an investment platform that will be all things to all people, but for those people who are looking for a prudent, integrated investment strategy that is slow and steady, WFI can be a good fit.


Often we identified clients who had multiple investment accounts that were held at different brokers in addition to self-directed investment accounts. And although the total assets were significant to the client, the balance wasn’t significant enough to warrant quality attention from these providers. This generally meant there was no overall strategy, a low level of service, and excessive fees.


As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have a higher fiduciary duty to our clients than typical brokers. Often we identified clients who have investible assets from retirement account rollovers, inheritance, or savings that don’t rise to the level of being an “A” client at typical brokers, we provide an integrated strategy for appropriate diversification and management of the entire combined portfolio.


Our strategy is to focus on aspects of investment management that can be controlled. We do this by developing a plan and helping clients practice the discipline to stay with their long-term strategy. Our approach is to:

  • Identify the clients’ goals and risk profile
  • Focus on asset allocation, diversification, and minimizing taxes and fees
  • Build the portfolio using institutional mutual funds
  • Manage the portfolio on a continuous basis and provide objective reporting and monitoring

With Welch Financial investments, LLC clients have confidence that their investments are being managed in a prudent manner for their circumstances.